Although we cannot go into the technical details of exactly how LEMUR works without giving away trade secrets or our “secret sauce,” we can explain the overall concept.

First, LEMUR is a software platform the user can interact with through their profile via a website or most often through the app on their smartphone or other smart devices. It puts the patient at the center of the healthcare system, where they should be, but has not been due to regulations and profit-seeking enterprises.

LEMUR has a strong focus on patient privacy – not only do we want key information at your fingertips, but we also want you to be able to control access to your medical information. By using technologies available today, such as blockchain (a distributed ledger), we can track, deny, and grant access to these key components. In essence, patients will hold the master copy of these items to always ensure their accuracy and better be able to share them with any provider they see fit, but they will also hold the key to ensure better privacy.

We want to help users navigate through the entire patient journey in a user-friendly way, absent of ads and unsavory sales tactics. We will use many of today’s modern technologies like AI and machine learning algorithms connecting the patient to physicians’ best practices to give a fully personalized patient experience.

In short, we are trying to bring as many FREE services as possible together in one place custom-built to you to help provide the best healthcare experience possible. In addition, we will be bringing a few new technologies and advancements that allow patients to be true customers of healthcare, driving down costs and increasing access for all of us through market competition.

The technical details will come soon as we will share these with interested parties looking to invest in bringing the future of healthcare to all Americans today.